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HTMPA Board Meeting Minutes October 10, 2007

Executive Board Reports

Eve Sepulveda opened the meeting with a welcome and announcements.

Java with Janie (our monthly opportunity to meet, as parents, with Director Janie Griswold) was held on Friday, October 5. Notes from that meeting may be found on our PA website. We are still looking for someone who would be willing to take notes regularly, to post for those who can not attend.

PA Website: Eve Sepulveda introduced Peter Honan, who has stepped forward to work on our PA website. Peter will be taking over for Richard Gholson, who currently has an 8th grader who will be graduating HTM this year. Discussion ensued about the wonderful new PA website for the new South Bay campus.

Committee Positions: Carrie Flowers has been nominated to fill the Board’s Secretary position, being vacated by Margaret Blair. An email blast will be sent to open this position to any further nominees. Qualifications include mandatory attendance at once monthly board meetings.

Cathy Vaux has volunteered to be our LogoWear coordinator and will be in touch with Susan Arenson about logistics. She will also contact Karen Lewis to volunteer for the Padres fundraiser.

Our new eSCRIP coordinator, Linda Kurtz, is hoping to coordinate with other eSCRIP coordinators (at other village schools) to conduct a 2 week village wide eSCRIP promotion. Linda reminds everyone that escrip must be updated each year, even for your Vons Club, credit, and debit cards. This is very easy to do online! For the computer “challenged”, forms can be found at the front desk and forwarded to Linda Kurtz for submission. ESCRIP is a secure website. This resource can raise monies annually (for HTM) by thousands of dollars. Linda expects to coordinate with June Dodge for a village wide email reminder about eSCRIP.

CATWALK 2007: The kick-off meeting for this year’s event will be held on Thursday, October 11, at HTHI. The meeting will start at 0845. Snacks will be provided and all are welcome.

September Meeting Minutes: Margaret Blair presented the minutes for approval, pending an amendment by Christine Rhoads. Under last month’s Treasurer’s Report- Item 6- regarding grants for x-blocks- this SHOULD read:

“Funds for X-block came from a 2006 (one-time) Catwalk distribution.”

Motion to approve September Meeting Minutes as amended, Maria Shepard; seconded by Marion Brooks. The motion was carried. Minutes are approved, as amended.

The Executive Board will be voting at the November meeting to elect Carrie Flowers, Secretary. Carrie will be replacing Margaret Blair.

Budget and Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Allen presented the amended 2007-08 budget for approval. Following discussion and explanations by Nancy, the budget is approved by the board. The September treasurer’s report was also noted.

Committee Chair Reports

School Support: Darcy Ripley

Marion Brooks is willing to serve as the interim volunteer chairperson. However, the board is still looking for someone to join Marion this year to learn to coordinate this position. Hopefully, we will have a 6th grade parent who can fill this capacity.

After School Food Sales: Need a responsible means of depositing monies, prior to leaving campus. Rodney Garcia may be approached to lock those monies in a file cabinet until the following day.

Hospitality: Maria Shepard

Maria welcomes a 6th grade parent to shadow her this year, since she will be leaving this position when her 8th grader graduates.

Team Parents should send emails to their volunteers to help provide luncheons for November 6-8 parent conference week. For ½ days, the PA has provided food for teachers in the conference room.

There are five staff meetings left this year. Mrs Griswold asks if the PA can fund food for those meetings. The board agrees that the hospitality budget can be expanded if needed, to help budget food for these meetings. The motion was made to increase the hospitality budget by $250. This motion is tabled while the treasurer researches sources to pull the budget monies from. The Executive Board proposes possible funding for 2 staff meeting breakfasts, catered by Panera Bakery.

Fundraising: Eve Sepulveda

Cold Stone Creamery pumpkin ice cream pies will be available for holiday purchase. Details will follow, via email blasts/attachments. Pies will be priced at $10, with a profit margin of 40%. This event may be extended village wide. Once the pies are purchased, a voucher will be given to pick up your pie.


May 19-23: Teacher Appreciation Week
(with 21st catered luncheon at HTHI)

Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cook Blair, secretary

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

HTM PA Board 2007-08


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