1. What are school hours?
  2. Where is the school calendar?
  3. How do I report my student’s absence?
  4. What if my child is late for school or needs to leave early?
  5. What are drop off/pick up policies?
  6. Is there an afterschool program? What are the hours?
  7. Is there an emergency phone number after school?
  8. Is there a Lunch Program? How do I sign up?
  9. When is snack time and lunch time?
  10. What are the school policies regarding student dress, cell phones, food, etc.?
  11. Are kids allowed to visit Liberty Station?
  12. Are there carpool options?
  13. What is Powerschool?
  14. How do I access Powerschool?
  15. Will I receive emails from the school?
  16. Are there school-wide meetings to share information with parents?
  17. Does HTM have a parent group or PTA?
  18. What kind of fundraising events happen at HTM?
  19. What is the High Tech High “Foundation”?
  20. What are “Advisors” and “Advisory”?
  21. What is X-Block?
  22. How does my child select an X-Block class? How often do they change?
  23. What are SLCs and POLs and DPs?
  24. Are there any traditional camps or trips planned?
  25. Why does my child need a “” email?

1.  What are school hours? 
  • Regular school hours are 9:05 am to 3:30 pm. Students may enter the building at 7:00 a.m., but access to the grade level commons begins at 8:55. Students exit the building by 3:45 unless they are signed into PrimeTime.
  • Half-day Wednesdays are 9:05 am to 12:30 pm. They generally occur the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, but many variables may change the schedule. See the HTM calendar for dates of all half-days: 

2. Where is the school calendar?

3. How do I report my student’s absence?

  •  For any absence, whether due to illness or personal reasons, call the main school phone number at 619-814-5060, or email .  Follow the voice instructions to report an absence. 

4.  What if my child is late for school or needs to leave early?

  • If your child is late, they do not need a parent escort in, but must stop at the front desk to get a tardy slip before going to class.
  • When taking your child out of school during school hours for any reason, you must come to the front desk and sign your child out.  If your child is picked up by someone other than parents or guardians, the office must be notified by email or telephone prior to pick up.
  •  In general, if the front office is notified in advance, the transition into, or out of class can be a simple process.   We urge you not to excuse your child early unless it is urgent.

5.  What are drop off/pick up policies?

  • Before school, students may be dropped off as early as 7:00 if they sign into Primetime.
  • After school, students must sign into Primetime if they are not picked up by 3:45
  • Parents do not need to sign students in or out, students are shown how to sign in/out themselves early in the school year.

6.  Is there an afterschool program?  What is Primetime?  What are the hours?

  • The extended services department runs the “PrimeTime” program of before and after school care.  “Before school” hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 am.  “After school” hours are 3:30 to 6:00 pm and 12:30 to 6:00 pm on half days.
  • There is no cost to families; however students must be enrolled by parents/guardians to use the program services.   Forms are provided in the Orientation Packets, or available at the office.
  • Students must sign in and out of the program and do not require parent check out.

7.  Is there an emergency phone number after school?

  • Monique Sias, Extended Services Director for HTM will have a phone number available the first week of school.

8.  Is there a Lunch Program?  How do I sign up?

  • Our school participates in the Free and Reduced Lunch program.  Annual applications are distributed at the beginning of the school year.  Lunch is also available for purchase on a daily basis.    
  • For more information, including a monthly menu, see:       

9.  When is snack time and lunch time?

  • Snack time depends on the grade level so check with teachers for exact time.  Lunch time is the same for the entire school:  12:20 - 12:50 on full days, and 12:30 - 1:00 on minimum days.       

10.  What are the school policies regarding student dress, cell phones, food, etc.?

  • The HTH Student/Parent Handbook of Policies and Procedures is available online from the school website at:  This includes the dress policy and other important information.
  • Cell phones and music devices (iPods, etc.) must be off during the school day.  This includes breaks and lunchtime.
  • There is no eating inside the building, water is allowed.  Gum is not allowed on campus.

11.  Are kids allowed to visit Liberty Station at any time?

  • Only when supervised by a school staff member, PrimeTime staff, and/or a teacher.  High Tech Middle students may not visit Liberty Station unsupervised.         

 12. Are there carpool options?

  •  HTM participates in “SchoolPool”, a program run by  Participation is voluntary and parents can determine if there are other families they would like to try a carpool.
  •  To participate in the free program, sign up at .  Go to the SchoolPool tab, and look for “RideMatcher”.  Your information remains private until you decide you are ready to contact a match.  Under your Profile tab, select “My Networks” and use the HTM passcode to enroll:  HTMiddle678
  •  For support or questions, call 511 and say “I Commute”

13. What is Powerschool?

  • Powerschool is the online tool used at all High Tech Village schools to record grades, project progress, and attendance for all students.  Teachers update grades and project progress as often as they like.  Both parents and students can view the grade information at any time. 
  • Parents must complete the “Demographics” section of their Powerschool account to ensure they receive critical email notices, and automated telephone messages for emergency communications.  The system will email and call the number(s) you provide.  Update your account as needed at any time.
  • Parents may schedule email notifications of their child’s grades at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.
  • Not all teachers update powerschool at the same time, you may notice some teachers record information at different times, and with different levels of details.
  • This tool is a valuable resource for parents to view student progress.  Please contact teachers directly any time to discuss questions or concerns regarding powerschool grades.

14. How do I access Powerschool?

15.  Will I receive emails from the school?

  • Yes, the school uses a Listserv to contact “all parents” via email.  You should receive an email within the first week of school.  Please add the email address to your contact list to prevent these emails filtered as spam. 
  • If you do not receive any email, first check your Powerschool account to be sure your email is listed correctly.  If you continue to have problems, contact Lisa Ruiz at
    or 619-814-5060 ext. 0

16. Are there school-wide meetings to share information with parents?
  • Every month, the school Director hosts a morning meeting for parents.  This is generally an informal meet up.  You will see it on the school calendar as “Java with Janie”.  Meetings are generally from 8:30 to 9:30, the second Friday of the month, and “java” is provided
  • Other school-wide meetings occur in the fall at Back to School night, and in the spring on Exhibition Night.   More information about these events is provided on the school calendar.

17.  Does HTM have a parent group or PTA?

  • The High Tech school parent body maintains a Parent Association (PA) instead of a PTA organization, but the PA serves the same function.  In Point Loma, five PA’s operate similarly but separate, supporting each school with an independent board of directors and set of by-laws.  We also work as a unified village to plan events and fundraisers through our President’s Council where representatives from each PA meet monthly.
  • All parents or guardians of HTM students are automatically members of the PA.  At HTM, our PA meets the first Thursday of each month from 8:45 to 10:00.  You are welcome to attend and participate in any way you can and we are happy for parent participation at any time of the year.  Feel free to email us at: with questions.
  •  The PA sends out regular email with calendar reminders and notice of important events.  If you do not receive these emails or wish to be removed from the mailing list, email us at:

18. What kind of fundraising events happen at HTM?

  • Our two biggest fundraisers are the annual spring auction Gala event usually held in May to benefit all 5 Point Loma schools, and the HTH Foundation annual campaign open year-round.  In addition, all schools participate in eScrip, Target Rewards, and Scrip Gift Cards.
  • The “Gala” (formerly called Catwalk) is a grand event with a new theme each year.  In past years, this event net proceeds exceed $100,000 and are distributed between the five Point Loma schools to fund class funds, computer and IT equipment, labs, and sports programs, as well as Art, Drama, and other exploratory classes.
  • eScrip is our easiest fundraising program and you can sign up at any time:

19.  What is the High Tech High “Foundation”?

  • The High Tech High Foundation (Tax ID #33-0866869) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to support the growing community of High Tech High schools and the High Tech High Graduate School of Education located in San Diego, CA. High Tech High Foundation (HTHF) raises funds to assure that the highly innovative, project-based learning environment at each HTH school remains robust. The High Tech High Foundation does not retain any percentage of donations made to the HTH schools – every gift, dollar for dollar, goes to the school fund the donor wishes it to benefit.
  • Visit the High Tech High Foundation webpage for more information and to donate online to your school:

20.  What are “advisors” and “advisory”? 

  • Each student has a faculty “advisor” who meets regularly with a small group of students to build community, support their academic progress, and plan for their future. The advisor visits each of their advisee’s homes and serves as a point of contact for the family.  Early in the beginning of the student’s first year at school, the advisor contacts the family to set up a home visit.   This is a great time for the advisor to learn about their new student, and for the student to meet the faculty member who can answer questions about school before it begins, or at any time during the year.
  • Every teacher has a daily “advisory” meeting with their advisee’s to team build, problem solve, and participate in unique learning opportunities.  Because the kids in advisory class are from all grades, this provides an environment for unique interactions and exchange of ideas.

21.  What is X-Block?
  • The X-Block tradition is similar to an “elective” class.  Students have several opportunities throughout the year to select a class of interest that is not graded with a letter grade.  It gives teachers an opportunity to create and share special talents and interests, and connect with their students in a unique way.  Some X-Block classes involve physical activities allowing kids to burn some energy, while other classes allow kids to explore new skills. 
  •  X-Block classes at HTM are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:50 – 3:30 pm.

22.  How does my child select an X-Block class?  How often do they change?
  • Teachers create an online list where they describe their class and can share their idea with other staff.  A week before the X-Block term begins, the list is “released” and teachers may share it with their students.  Students make their selections online on their sign up day.  Each student knows immediately during registration if they get the class they wanted. 
  • Students should feel welcome to talk to their teacher or advisor if they wish to change an x-block class they are assigned to.  X-Block classes rotate quarterly.  Most X-Blocks accommodate approximately 20 students.

23.  What are SLCs and POLs and DPs?
  • SLC’s (student led conferences) take the place of a traditional teacher/parent conference. Twice a year, students have an opportunity to showcase what they have been learning in their classes, reflect on their learning and set goals for themselves. Much of this takes place on the computer and will showcase their online digital portfolio.
  • POL’s (presentations of learning) are held twice a year.  Each student shares requirements and details about their projects.  The primary purpose of the POL is to demonstrate their learning, make real world connections to their work, and reflect on the process of the projects. The community is encouraged to watch the presentations and engage with students. POLs are generally pass/fail, and for the final POL, the student is not allowed to go on to the next grade without passing (also called the TPOL or Transitional POL).
  • A DP, or Digital Portfolio, for each student and each teacher is located on the school website.  On the home page at:    look for the link to “Digital Portfolios”.  Student “DPs” are listed by graduating year and first name, last initial.

24.  Are there any traditional camps or trips planned?

  • Each year, teachers and staff determine planning trips for the upcoming year.  Many factors help determine if trips or camps are viable for the year.  Traditionally, there is an 8th grade camp that occurs usually in late spring. 

25.  Why does my child need a “” email?

  • Every student at the High Tech Village schools gets an email for use at school.  This email allows them to log into their DP (Digital Portfolio), send and receive messages from and to teachers.
  • Students keep and use the same email address throughout their tenure at the High Tech schools.