Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spirit of High Tech Village Campaign For Giving

There is a vision for a 21st century school, and a 21st century classroom, that I think is exciting for everyone. If you look at examples, like High Tech High in San Diego….that is an exciting and innovative proposition.”
~Melody Barnes, Director, White House Domestic Policy Council

HTHV – Excellence in Education

· 98% of our students go on to college. Last year, these institutions included Stanford, Duke, MIT, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, and all 10 campuses of the University of California.
· Nationally recognized as model schools and as leaders in education reform.
· Innovative project based learning, smaller than traditional class sizes, academic coaching, one on one college counseling, meaningful technological literacy in every discipline.

THE PROBLEM: The amount we receive from the state to educate each child (ADA*) has fallen drastically in the past 4 years, while the cost to educate your child has stayed the same. (And includes: salaries frozen for 4 years, staff reductions, limited professional development, etc.) In addition, a 4% mid year cut is expected.
*ADA (Average Daily Attendance) – this refers to the amount of money the school receives each year for each student with perfect attendance. Student absence reduces this total by approximately $37 per day/occurrence, per child.
In addition, Prop 98 does not guarantee this amount. It only guarantees a share of the revenue. When revenues decline, our share declines. The perfect storm occurs when both the state revenues decline and local property taxes decline, in addition to the ever increasing payment deferrals made by the state.

School 2011-12 Goal: (Based on Enrollment)

Amount Raised To Date Percentage of Families Participating
HTH $149,721 $10,785 4%
HTHI $104,962 $6,931 5%
HTHMA $108,365 $6,884 2%
HTM $87,425 $3,316 6%
HTMMA $87,686 $7,244 5%

A SOLUTION: Please consider making a donation to your HTH Village School.
Last year an average of 17% of families in our village donated to the Annual Appeal.
This year, our goal is to have 100% family participation.
Please consider making a voluntary donation to your child's education at
whatever level is comfortable for you.
While no contribution is too small, our goal is $349 per student.
You can make a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation that is automatically withdrawn from your checking account or debited to your credit card. If you choose, you can select to split your donation among several of our schools. Every dollar donated is used exclusively to support teachers and learning at the HTH school(s) of your choice.

Make a difference today! Use the following link and select the DONATE NOW button:

Note to Donors ~ We would like to thank you, by name only, in an email.
If you do not wish to be named, or prefer to remain anonymous,
Please email, Subject: MY DONATION

High Tech High Schools are public, tuition-free schools.
You are under no obligation to make a donation.

Monday, October 3, 2011

HTM Book Fair

The book fair is coming to HTM next week October 11th-13th. Join us everyday from 12:30pm-4pm (students have minimum days) You can use checks, cash or credit cards at the fair. Remember to check your teacher's wish list, you may want to purchase a book for your child's classroom. We hope to see everyone there! But if you can't make it, you can order online until October 24th. Everything ordered online will also support the school.

If you can volunteer to help out at the book fair, please email Fran at