Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May 2009 HTMPA meeting minutes

High Tech Middle Parent Association

Meeting Minutes: May 7, 2009

In attendance:  Marion Brooks, Patti Bruffey, Michelle Dutra, Carrie Flowers, Linda Karin, Susie Kime, Andrea Partida.

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 am.

Approval of Minutes (Carrie Flowers)

The minutes from the April 2 meeting were read. Marion made a motion to approve the minutes, Linda seconded, and the motion passed.

Nomination Committee (Susie Kime)

Ø     HTM has received a grant that required lottery changes for the Explorer kids this year.  The result of that is that only about 10 5th graders from Explorer are coming to HTM (the others were admitted to HTMMA).  This was mentioned because we were planning on recruiting some of these parents that we know for next year's board, but that won't be possible to the extent we had planned.  For example, Carrie's 5th grader will be going to HTMMA, and she will not be on HTM's PA board next year.

Ø     Possibilities for the 09/10 board members are: Marion, Susie, Patti, Michelle, and Andrea.  We will ask Lise, Christine, Cris Anderson, Lorraine Goerke, and Vicki Ross if they are interested.  If anybody can think of other people to ask, please do!

Ø     Patti told us that President's Council had mentioned that a Development Chair (to oversee fundraising) might be something to add to our board.

Ø     May 28th, from 6-7pm, is the Welcome Reception for incoming 6th graders.  It was agreed that we will make an announcement for the need for volunteers and pass around clipboards for sign ups. Marion will ask Janie to be put on the evening's agenda.  Carrie will prepare clipboards.  Linda will send out another email to call for volunteers for next year's board.

Treasurer's Report (Marion Brooks)

Fund Run update: Parents are interested in learning what the Fund Run money was spent on; Linda will send an email with details.

Phone-a-thon: Patti reported that the Phone-a-thon generated about $5000 for HTM.  Next year, it will most likely be held in the Fall.

8th Grade Promotion: There is about $1600 for the reception and festivities.  Patti and Eve polled the students about what kind of celebration they wanted.  The vote was for a beach party and a t-shirt.  The reception will be on the lawn in front of HTH, and expenses will be shared with HTMMA (their reception will be after ours).  Marion suggested that Patti contact Marcus Bell to check the sprinkler schedule for that week.

Budget: There is $10,394 in unrestricted funds.  Previously, we had voted to give $500 to each team and $500 to each specialty teacher (totaling $4500) to be distributed in June, 2009.  Patti moved that we give an additional $3000 to provide support for the 09/10 school year; $500 more for each team.  Carrie seconded the motion, and it unanimously passed.  This means that each team will receive a total of $1000 and each specialty teacher will receive $500.  We will encourage specialty teachers to apply for grants if they need more money. The additional $3000 will also be distributed in June 2009.

eScrip (Andrea Partida)

We have doubled what we were doing last year, but it is still not a great amount.  At the May 28th Welcome Reception, Andrea will give eScrip instructions.  She will also do another push for selling gift cards, with an emphasis for teacher gifts, graduation gifts, Father's Day, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Flowers,