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All parents of students attending HTM are members of the Parent Association. There are no membership fees. Parents are invited to join the various planning committees for our fundraising, social, and educational projects.

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Fundraising makes many things possible, from classroom supplies and equipment that enhance the learning experience, to activities that bring the HTH Village community together. The PA works, with your help, to bring in needed funds to provide the kind of learning environment that we and our students benefit from.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HTM Projects

A beginning list...

(HTHV) = Project with one chair for HTH, HTHI, HTHMA, HTM, HTMMA
(School) = School level PA Chair
(HTHVE) - Project with one chair for Explorer, HTH, HTHI, HTHMA, HTM, HTMMA

More Information will be posted when it is available.

Monday, September 17, 2007

HTMPA Board Meeting Minutes June 13, 2007

Meeting Minutes- Board of Directors
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The last meeting of the 2006-2007 school year was held at the home of Margaret Blair. Brunch was served.

Executive Board Reports

Christine Rhoads opened the meeting, with a welcome and announcements, at 0945. Christine introduced the new HTM Board President and Vice President, Eve Sepulveda and Marion Brooks. Christine stressed the need to fill the remaining board chair positions; and asked each member to look for new incoming 6th grade parents who might be able to serve.

Darcy Ripley will continue to serve as our chair for School Support.

Christine Rhoads also presented each board member with an engraved mechanical pencil; with the HTM logo and each individual name. Christine thanked the board for their support during the 07-07 school year.

The annual HTM welcome back bonfire will be held at Shelter Island on Friday, September 7.

School starts on August 27.

Friday, August 17 at 9:00 a.m., the board is encouraged to meet at HTHI to help with the stuffing of packets for new student orientation. Come when you can! All volunteers are welcome! Bring a friend or your student !

HTM Executive Board meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month; with the first meeting on September 12.

“Java with Janie”, our new time each month with director Janie Griswold, will most likely be held on the first Friday of each month; with the exception of September (due to our bonfire). Dates and times, once confirmed, will be sent in an email blast to each HTM family on record.

The 8th grade graduation still needs parent assistance. Darcy Ripley will help reinstate and coordinate “affirmation letters” for next years graduating class.

May Meeting Minutes: Margaret Blair presented the minutes for approval. Motion to approve, Darcy Ripley; seconded by Eve Sepulveda. The motion was carried. Minutes are approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Brandi Eide reports that escrip monies have been received. Discussion ensued regarding the possibility of hold-over, for the grade level grants not used for this year. (Please see “Gifts and Grants” for further details.)

Committee Chair Reports

Communications: Nancy Allen

Nancy will chair this position UNTIL a substitute can be found; as Nancy is now the HTM Board Treasurer. The candidate for this position must have the availability to post emails expeditiously.

Gifts and Grants: Eve Sepulveda

6th grade’s “grade-level grant” will be rolled over to next school year.

7th grade plans to spend before the end of the school year (completed grant form is forthcoming). If monies are not spent, and not carried over to the next school year, the monies will be returned to the General Fund.

8th grade has spent there monies on the Chinatown trip; as previously approved by the board.

**Discussion was then held regarding the possibility of charging for PA membership. Many pros and cons were addressed. This issue will need to be discussed and approved by Janie Griswold and Larry Rosenstock. The by-laws would then need to be re-written to reflect this change, if approved.

**A volunteer coordinator may need to be appointed. This person would actively recruit parent volunteers, and contact those who volunteer, within a relatively short period of time.

**Also discussed, the possibility of the HTMPA hosting a “meet and greet”; for incoming 6th grade parents. Christine Rhoads has the 6th grade volunteer forms. This “meet and greet” could be held at the same time as 6th grade orientation; or at the August 21 “new student” orientation.

**PA Executive Board members should be easily recognizable, and committee chairs would be better able to recruit new volunteers if they had individual tables with signage. Tables would need to be staffed and have a sign up list of volunteer opportunities. A direct mail option may be needed.

School Support: Darcy Ripley and Maria Shepard

Room Parents: Plans for recruiting new room parents will begin after classes are determined. Current room parents will be contacted over the summer, and asked if they wish to continue for the upcoming school year.

Fundraising: Christine Rhoads

ColdStone Creamery ‘share the profit’ day netted $1100 for HTM. Additional profits from cake sales have yet to be received.

Next year’s Catwalk theme will be Morroccan/Persian; with a possible event title of “Casablanca” or “Midnight at the Oasis”.

Hospitality: Christine Rhoads thanked Maria Shepard for providing and coordinating lunch for the student-led conferences.

Logowear: The option to purchase, via a website, may soon be available. Online shipping costs are still cost prohibitive, at this time.

THANK YOU TO Christine Rhoads! After the presentation of flowers, card and gift; board members each thanked Christine for all of her hard work and energy; for making our PA the success it has been. Current board members are looking forward to Christine’s role as PA advisor, for the upcoming school year.

Upcoming Events/Dates:

Thursday, June 14- HTM and HTMMA 8th grade promotions
Friday, June 15- Last day of school for HTM- minimum day

Meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cook Blair, secretary

Sunday, September 9, 2007