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HTMPA Board Meeting Minutes October 10, 2007

Executive Board Reports

Eve Sepulveda opened the meeting with a welcome and announcements.

Java with Janie (our monthly opportunity to meet, as parents, with Director Janie Griswold) was held on Friday, October 5. Notes from that meeting may be found on our PA website. We are still looking for someone who would be willing to take notes regularly, to post for those who can not attend.

PA Website: Eve Sepulveda introduced Peter Honan, who has stepped forward to work on our PA website. Peter will be taking over for Richard Gholson, who currently has an 8th grader who will be graduating HTM this year. Discussion ensued about the wonderful new PA website for the new South Bay campus.

Committee Positions: Carrie Flowers has been nominated to fill the Board’s Secretary position, being vacated by Margaret Blair. An email blast will be sent to open this position to any further nominees. Qualifications include mandatory attendance at once monthly board meetings.

Cathy Vaux has volunteered to be our LogoWear coordinator and will be in touch with Susan Arenson about logistics. She will also contact Karen Lewis to volunteer for the Padres fundraiser.

Our new eSCRIP coordinator, Linda Kurtz, is hoping to coordinate with other eSCRIP coordinators (at other village schools) to conduct a 2 week village wide eSCRIP promotion. Linda reminds everyone that escrip must be updated each year, even for your Vons Club, credit, and debit cards. This is very easy to do online! For the computer “challenged”, forms can be found at the front desk and forwarded to Linda Kurtz for submission. ESCRIP is a secure website. This resource can raise monies annually (for HTM) by thousands of dollars. Linda expects to coordinate with June Dodge for a village wide email reminder about eSCRIP.

CATWALK 2007: The kick-off meeting for this year’s event will be held on Thursday, October 11, at HTHI. The meeting will start at 0845. Snacks will be provided and all are welcome.

September Meeting Minutes: Margaret Blair presented the minutes for approval, pending an amendment by Christine Rhoads. Under last month’s Treasurer’s Report- Item 6- regarding grants for x-blocks- this SHOULD read:

“Funds for X-block came from a 2006 (one-time) Catwalk distribution.”

Motion to approve September Meeting Minutes as amended, Maria Shepard; seconded by Marion Brooks. The motion was carried. Minutes are approved, as amended.

The Executive Board will be voting at the November meeting to elect Carrie Flowers, Secretary. Carrie will be replacing Margaret Blair.

Budget and Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Allen presented the amended 2007-08 budget for approval. Following discussion and explanations by Nancy, the budget is approved by the board. The September treasurer’s report was also noted.

Committee Chair Reports

School Support: Darcy Ripley

Marion Brooks is willing to serve as the interim volunteer chairperson. However, the board is still looking for someone to join Marion this year to learn to coordinate this position. Hopefully, we will have a 6th grade parent who can fill this capacity.

After School Food Sales: Need a responsible means of depositing monies, prior to leaving campus. Rodney Garcia may be approached to lock those monies in a file cabinet until the following day.

Hospitality: Maria Shepard

Maria welcomes a 6th grade parent to shadow her this year, since she will be leaving this position when her 8th grader graduates.

Team Parents should send emails to their volunteers to help provide luncheons for November 6-8 parent conference week. For ½ days, the PA has provided food for teachers in the conference room.

There are five staff meetings left this year. Mrs Griswold asks if the PA can fund food for those meetings. The board agrees that the hospitality budget can be expanded if needed, to help budget food for these meetings. The motion was made to increase the hospitality budget by $250. This motion is tabled while the treasurer researches sources to pull the budget monies from. The Executive Board proposes possible funding for 2 staff meeting breakfasts, catered by Panera Bakery.

Fundraising: Eve Sepulveda

Cold Stone Creamery pumpkin ice cream pies will be available for holiday purchase. Details will follow, via email blasts/attachments. Pies will be priced at $10, with a profit margin of 40%. This event may be extended village wide. Once the pies are purchased, a voucher will be given to pick up your pie.


May 19-23: Teacher Appreciation Week
(with 21st catered luncheon at HTHI)

Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cook Blair, secretary

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

HTM PA Board 2007-08


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Monday, October 1, 2007

HTMPA Board Meeting Minutes September 12, 2007

Executive Board Reports

Eve Sepulveda, our new PA President, opened the meeting with a welcome and announcements.

The Back to School Picnic was a big success, with 157 families opting to make their reservations and pay, online. (This PA “social event” is not a scheduled fundraiser.) Most families really enjoyed the new location at the recently opened Liberty Station Park.

Java with Janie (our monthly opportunity to meet, as parents, with Director Janie Griswold) was held on Friday, September 7. It was very well attended. Notes from that meeting may also be found on our PA website. We are looking for someone who would be willing to take notes regularly at the monthly Java with Janie to post on the website for those who could not attend. Nancy Allen will send out an email blast requesting someone to volunteer for this position.

Annual Appeal: This year’s goal is $35,000, with up to 50% (or 163) of our HTM families participating. Thus far, 7 families have contributed $595. Campaign letters will be mailed in early October. Our village-wide phone-a-thon will be moved to early November. If you have students at multiple schools, your donation will be divided automatically between them. We receive some outside funding based on the percentage of families participating, not on the amount, so we need to encourage all our families to contribute, even if it is only $10.

All HTM families are encouraged to donate ONLINE with the “quick link” on our PA website, and to set up a monthly contribution, which is more affordable and can therefore bring in more money for our schools.

Catwalk funds are being considered this year for supporting “operations”, which includes more than just basic overhead, but also equipment such as laptops. This is the first year that the annual appeal might be needed to meet the village budget requirements. This is due to the fact that we are losing start-up funding that was granted by outside foundations to help us open new schools.

CATWALK 2007: The kick-off meeting for this year’s event will be held on Thursday, October 11, at HTHI. The meeting will start at 0845, and all volunteers are invited to attend.

Catwalk 2007 will be held on May 17!

Patty Bruffey and Carrie Flowers were introduced as our new room/team parent coordinators. Thank you both so very much!

8th Grade Washington, D.C. trip: An informational meeting for parents will be held Thursday evening, September 20. Director Griswold and the planning team will present the planned itinerary. The trip is scheduled for the first 5 days of spring break. HTM has chosen not to employ a tour company this year; instead teachers are planning the trip based on related curriculum. All interested parents are encouraged to attend. Ms Griswold will be sending an email blast within the next few days.

June Meeting Minutes: Margaret Blair presented the minutes for approval. Motion to approve, Darcy Ripley; seconded by Maria Shepard. The motion was carried. Minutes are approved.

Carrie Flowers has volunteered to replace Margaret Blair as secretary when Margaret leaves the PA Board in November. The PA board will vote on her assuming the secretary position at the October meeting, since this is an executive board position.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Allen presented the proposed budget, which subsequently underwent much discussion.

1) Grade Level Grants (formerly “teacher’s grants”) are slated as $1000 per grade level. All grade level teachers will need to agree on the grant proposals for these grants.
2) Discussion followed about room parents being made aware of the various grants and encouraging the teachers to take advantage of them.
3) Changes to the budget would include $3000 total for project grants, and $3000 total for grade-level grants (at $1000 per grade.)
4) Marion Brooks reported that part of Mr. Shaddox’ 8th grade syllabus includes teaching students to write grant proposals. It has been suggested that the students, as part of their project, present an authentic grant proposal to the PA board for approval. Mr. Shaddox can discuss the details with the board.
5) It was recommended to remove item lines in the budget that are no longer part of the budget, such as entertainment books, and Sally Foster, to simplify the budget sheet.
6) Eve Sepulveda will talk with Mrs. Griswold about how she prefers any money for X-blocks would be offered to the teachers, since they probably will need funding. Eve will ask whether Janie prefers that we provide a set amount to each X-block, like we did last year, or if the teachers should be offered the opportunity to request funds through a project grant, or if they would apply for an X-block grant with a lower limit set specifically for X-block funding. In any case, this money would still be allocated from the project grant funds but could be listed as a sub-item under project grants on the budget sheet simply for clarification.

Approval of the 2007-2008 Budget will be postponed until the October meeting, or until the proposed changes can be further discussed and implemented. The treasurer’s report is scheduled for monthly posting, on our PA website, once the initial budget is approved.

Committee Chair Reports

Communications: Nancy Allen

Nancy continues to chair this position, in addition to her job as treasurer, until a replacement is found. The candidate for this position must have the availability to post emails expeditiously. Any interested parent should contact Eve Sepulveda, president.

Richard Gholson has agreed to continue the management of our PA website. This includes, for the most part, posting of meeting minutes and notes from “Java with Janie”. The calendar will need to be maintained and updated as well.

Gifts and Grants: Christine Rhoads

Christine Rhoads volunteered to oversee gifts and grants until we can find another parent who wishes to take the position.

Two grant proposals have been received. The first, from Eric Talner, is for the network version of the Mavis Beacon typing program. This would be a sustainable grant for use by all 6th grade students and potentially for all grades. The cost is $700 and has been approved by Mrs. Griswold, as well as the IT department. This program can be used continuously for years to come. If approved, other teacher teams will be encouraged to use this program. Both 6th grade teaching teams agreed that this proposal could be funded with a grade level grant, so now the 6th grade will have $300 left as a grade level grant. Marion Brooks made a motion to fund the full amount for the program, $700. Seconded by Darcy Ripley, the motion was carried.

The second grant proposal was submitted by Andrea Barrett. This beautifully written and detailed grant proposal is an excellent model of what the PA is looking for; both in content and detail. The one time art supplies grant expenditure of $500 is proposed to buy an overhead projector, as well as picture frames and easels to display student art. All items proposed are sustainable purchases, and can be used for years to come, by all grade levels. It was motioned for approval by Maria Shepard, seconded by Christine Rhoads, and carried.

School Support: Darcy Ripley

Darcy has volunteered to coordinate all village schedules for after-school food sales. The board thanks Darcy for accepting this position!

Marion Brooks will further review the parent volunteer forms, which have been completed and returned, to find a possible 6th grade parent to coordinate our PA volunteer efforts. Marion reports that many parents have already volunteered for Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as testing week snacks. Marion will forward those names to Darcy Ripley and Maria Shepard, for follow up. Marion has send acknowledgement emails to all parents who have volunteered. Marion suggests that all chairpersons individually contact their parent volunteers. Marion will be emailing a volunteer spreadsheet to all board members soon; which will maximize utilization of our volunteers.

Fundraising: Eve Sepulveda and Christine Rhoads

Christine Rhoads reports that our PA needs a new “LogoWear Coordinator” who will work with Susan Arenson, making sure Susan gets any orders left at HTM and distributing the items to students once they come in. Marion Brooks will review the completed volunteer forms again for possible candidates. The PA still has a full box of LogoWear, yet to be sold.

Our new village-wide Zip Code Socials coordinator is Missy McCann. Thanks, Missy!

Hospitality: Maria Shepard

Maria has spoken to Mrs. Griswold regarding possible PA support for “staff days”; as well as support for Lisa Ruiz, our front desk Executive Assistant.

Teacher Appreciation Week is tentatively re-scheduled for May 19-23; with the 21st being a half-day, with a catered lunch. For all catering needs, the village will exclusively use the “preferred caterer’s list”; provided by the development office.

A holiday luncheon for HTM staff is scheduled for December 19 a half-day.
Julie Lee will continue to host and coordinate our monthly “Java with Janie” coffee and treats. Thanks so much, Julie!

Maria will coordinate volunteers to supply treats for the Catwalk Kick-Off meeting, on Thursday, October 11.

Maria has a list of dates for all events needing hospitality throughout the year and she will enlist a few volunteers to coordinate hospitality for each event. She will contact people who were interested in helping with hospitality from the volunteer list being constructed by Marion Brooks.

Eve Sepulveda thanked everyone for their support, and adjourned the meeting at 11:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cook Blair, secretary

Thursday, September 27, 2007

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HTM Information

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About HTM Parent Association

All parents of students attending HTM are members of the Parent Association. There are no membership fees. Parents are invited to join the various planning committees for our fundraising, social, and educational projects.

07-08 President of HTM Parent Association is:


Contact Lists

Meeting Minutes/Notes

HTM Fundraising

Fundraising makes many things possible, from classroom supplies and equipment that enhance the learning experience, to activities that bring the HTH Village community together. The PA works, with your help, to bring in needed funds to provide the kind of learning environment that we and our students benefit from.

Current Fundraising Projects

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HTM Projects

A beginning list...

(HTHV) = Project with one chair for HTH, HTHI, HTHMA, HTM, HTMMA
(School) = School level PA Chair
(HTHVE) - Project with one chair for Explorer, HTH, HTHI, HTHMA, HTM, HTMMA

More Information will be posted when it is available.

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HTMPA Board Meeting Minutes June 13, 2007

Meeting Minutes- Board of Directors
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The last meeting of the 2006-2007 school year was held at the home of Margaret Blair. Brunch was served.

Executive Board Reports

Christine Rhoads opened the meeting, with a welcome and announcements, at 0945. Christine introduced the new HTM Board President and Vice President, Eve Sepulveda and Marion Brooks. Christine stressed the need to fill the remaining board chair positions; and asked each member to look for new incoming 6th grade parents who might be able to serve.

Darcy Ripley will continue to serve as our chair for School Support.

Christine Rhoads also presented each board member with an engraved mechanical pencil; with the HTM logo and each individual name. Christine thanked the board for their support during the 07-07 school year.

The annual HTM welcome back bonfire will be held at Shelter Island on Friday, September 7.

School starts on August 27.

Friday, August 17 at 9:00 a.m., the board is encouraged to meet at HTHI to help with the stuffing of packets for new student orientation. Come when you can! All volunteers are welcome! Bring a friend or your student !

HTM Executive Board meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month; with the first meeting on September 12.

“Java with Janie”, our new time each month with director Janie Griswold, will most likely be held on the first Friday of each month; with the exception of September (due to our bonfire). Dates and times, once confirmed, will be sent in an email blast to each HTM family on record.

The 8th grade graduation still needs parent assistance. Darcy Ripley will help reinstate and coordinate “affirmation letters” for next years graduating class.

May Meeting Minutes: Margaret Blair presented the minutes for approval. Motion to approve, Darcy Ripley; seconded by Eve Sepulveda. The motion was carried. Minutes are approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Brandi Eide reports that escrip monies have been received. Discussion ensued regarding the possibility of hold-over, for the grade level grants not used for this year. (Please see “Gifts and Grants” for further details.)

Committee Chair Reports

Communications: Nancy Allen

Nancy will chair this position UNTIL a substitute can be found; as Nancy is now the HTM Board Treasurer. The candidate for this position must have the availability to post emails expeditiously.

Gifts and Grants: Eve Sepulveda

6th grade’s “grade-level grant” will be rolled over to next school year.

7th grade plans to spend before the end of the school year (completed grant form is forthcoming). If monies are not spent, and not carried over to the next school year, the monies will be returned to the General Fund.

8th grade has spent there monies on the Chinatown trip; as previously approved by the board.

**Discussion was then held regarding the possibility of charging for PA membership. Many pros and cons were addressed. This issue will need to be discussed and approved by Janie Griswold and Larry Rosenstock. The by-laws would then need to be re-written to reflect this change, if approved.

**A volunteer coordinator may need to be appointed. This person would actively recruit parent volunteers, and contact those who volunteer, within a relatively short period of time.

**Also discussed, the possibility of the HTMPA hosting a “meet and greet”; for incoming 6th grade parents. Christine Rhoads has the 6th grade volunteer forms. This “meet and greet” could be held at the same time as 6th grade orientation; or at the August 21 “new student” orientation.

**PA Executive Board members should be easily recognizable, and committee chairs would be better able to recruit new volunteers if they had individual tables with signage. Tables would need to be staffed and have a sign up list of volunteer opportunities. A direct mail option may be needed.

School Support: Darcy Ripley and Maria Shepard

Room Parents: Plans for recruiting new room parents will begin after classes are determined. Current room parents will be contacted over the summer, and asked if they wish to continue for the upcoming school year.

Fundraising: Christine Rhoads

ColdStone Creamery ‘share the profit’ day netted $1100 for HTM. Additional profits from cake sales have yet to be received.

Next year’s Catwalk theme will be Morroccan/Persian; with a possible event title of “Casablanca” or “Midnight at the Oasis”.

Hospitality: Christine Rhoads thanked Maria Shepard for providing and coordinating lunch for the student-led conferences.

Logowear: The option to purchase, via a website, may soon be available. Online shipping costs are still cost prohibitive, at this time.

THANK YOU TO Christine Rhoads! After the presentation of flowers, card and gift; board members each thanked Christine for all of her hard work and energy; for making our PA the success it has been. Current board members are looking forward to Christine’s role as PA advisor, for the upcoming school year.

Upcoming Events/Dates:

Thursday, June 14- HTM and HTMMA 8th grade promotions
Friday, June 15- Last day of school for HTM- minimum day

Meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cook Blair, secretary

Sunday, September 9, 2007